Aug 202015

Do you enjoy worship? “Hold it,” you say, “I attend most services and I even participate at times.” That was not the question, I asked this: Do you enjoy worship? If you are not certain, or wish to know why you answered as you did, answer honestly the following:

Does worship seem to stand in the way of more “fun” things, such as hobby, or watching television? Which would you rather do: watch your favorite television program or worship God? Be honest now, which would you rather do?

When you think of an upcoming worship service, what is your attitude? Do you dread or look forward to it? Is Sunday your favorite day of the week, or do you wish it were stricken from the calendar? Do you wish that Wednesday ended at 7:00 p.m.?

When you consider the song service, do you think of the horrid sound of untrained voices, or are you thankful that there are faithful Christians who think enough of spiritual matters to meet together and sing praise? (Note: Col. 3:15-16; Eph. 5:17-19).

What are your thoughts on public prayer? The shorter the better? Do you inwardly criticize, or do you sincerely petition the One to whom prayer is addressed? How often do you talk to God in private petition? (Matt. 6:5-15; James 5:16-17)

~ Author Unknown