Mar 032015

Known to most of us as J.D. Tant, Jefferson Davis Tant (1861-1941) preached all over the nation, and made his home not so far from us here in Evant. You can read the entire historical article (in .pdf format)  here.

A few notes of interest follow:

  • In September of 1886, J.D. Tant preached at the Bee House Meeting in Coryell County. Twenty-one were baptised that day. Among those was J.M. Tuttle, a successful preacher in New Mexico for a number of years. At this meeting, J.D. Tant decided to debate for the first time.
  • In November of 1886, a debate was set with W.A. Jarrell at Bee House in Coryell County. Six hundred people attended the first night. At that meeting, it was announced that Jarrell was sick, and that he asked the debate to be postponed for one  month.
  • In December of 1886, J.D. Tant debated with W.N. Leak instead of Jarrell, who was still sick. J.F. Grubbs moderated for Tant. There were nine baptisms from the Baptists and four baptisms from the Methodists at that meeting. This event marked the first of over one hundred debates that J.D. Tant would participate in throughout his career.
  • Beginning in 1887, Hamilton Texas was the home of J.D. Tant for nearly 15 years, the longest residence in any one place during the 80 years of his life.